Sweet Pea and Lily by Robin Pickens features Sweet peas in deep purples, lavender, warm pinks and plum colours.


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Sweet Pea & Lily  48644-22

Designer : Robin Pickens

Price:     $26.00 per metre          FQ: $6.50

Sweet Pea and Lily by Robin Pickens features a lovely combination of elegance and simple delicacy combined with theatrical colours and rich tones.

The Purples make you think of royalty, drama and celebrations. Deep purple, lavender, warm pink and plum colours look luscious in these Sweet Peas, and feel special in their blend of sweetness and strength. Lily of the Valley with graceful hanging bells of little pops of creamy colour add a charming mix to this collection, “Sweet Pea & Lily.”

Additional pink, plum and purple Astor flowers, fluttering butterflies, swirling leaves, tiny branches, ornate medallions, and sketchy lines all joined in the sketchbook and watercolour studies for this collection. The group celebrates the range of warm to cool colours of purples and how they play well with pinks and greens. There is still a touch of grey to balance the brighter colours, as well as to tie in with past collections. ​


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