Matildas Own Rotating Cutting Mat


Matildas Own Cutting Mats are the perfect tool to assist in cutting all shapes such as circles, hexagons and diamond shapes. Trimming blocks and cutting  fabric are a breeze using the Matildas Own rotating cutting mats.

To watch demonstration on using the Rotating circular mat. click here.

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Rotating Cutting Mat – Matildas Own

Price: $65.95

Diameter: 15″

Matildas Own Rotating Cutting Mat is a premium quality product with the highest standard components. Ball bearings means the mat rotates easily, and being circular, does not bump surrounding objects.

Matildas Own Rotating Cutting mat is great for trimming blocks, cutting shapes from different templates, as well as cutting small pieces of fabric to size.

Circular Self Healing mat on a rotating base. The mat has 360 degree rotation, on a sealed ball bearing base, making the cutting of different shapes  easy. Locking mechanism prevents mat from separating from the base during use.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 6 cm