Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon is based on log cabin style blocks, which can be arranged in different ways to produce the Antelope Canyon Quilt. Arranging the blocks differently creates the spectacular Garden Delights Quilt. Use different colourways to produce other interesting effects.

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Antelope Canyon

Quilt Size: 74.5″ x 74.5″

Designer: Lauren Shifrin

Pattern Price:  $20.00

Antelope Canyon was inspired by the grace and mystery of Arizona’s slot canyons, resulting in this dramatic quilt. Choose pre cut strips or cut yardage with a contrasting background for unique log cabin style blocks perfect for any quilter with limited experience. The pattern contains photographs of Antelope Canyon in two different colorways. Also included is the pattern and photograph of Garden Delights, a quilt constructed using the same four blocks from Antelope Canyon, but combined in a different manner to give a completely different look.


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